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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No Rhyme Or Reason...

This page in my journal, like most, has just been a catch all page of doodles with no rhyme or reason.  It has been "in progress" for several months now.  There are a couple dies that I cut out and colored when the mood struck and the rest just kinda happened.  I don't love white space so I try to fill it with whatever happens...and when there is no more white space I call it done...  This is today's "done":

I finished it while I was watching "at" a TWO HOUR video of all the different birds, fish, and such that have died by the thousands since 2008....  WOW!!  It is shocking to see what has been happening!  More End Time prophecy being fulfilled....  Of course my excitement for the rapture has been renewed because of the blood moon the other night.  If you haven't seen some of the teaching on the Four Blood Moons be sure and check that out on YouTube as well.   



  1. Love this. Made me smile. Especially the lips on the bee. Yes, the end is coming. Let's be sure we are ready! Love your work.

  2. Hi P.D.! THANKS! ... for your sweet words and for staying long enough to say Hi!



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