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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Changing Things Up A Bit

I did things a bit differently today... I didn't use a Prima doll as the base..
I found this on Pinterest and decided to see if I could use this shape...with the girl at an angle. ...

This is what I came up with:

And the clothes from are from Pinterest as well.

I might as well mention the elephant in the room... that head!  It was already small but when I drew hair on it it got even smaller.  Hummmm... looks like the shrunken head guy in "Beetlejuice"!   HA!  Now that's all you will see right?  I should have probably done another one but lots of fashion drawings have strange proportions.  I might have to change it out if/when I actually use the doll for something.

Spectrum Noir Colors Used:

Flesh - FS7 and TN2
Top - BGR3 - BGR5
Jeans - BGR3 and BGR4
Boots - BG5 -BG7
Hair - TN6

I also have discovered and LOVE, LOVE Pilot's Frixion erasable black pen.  I use it for the outlines and detailing.  I got the first one in a set of 24 colors but could never find it so I ordered 3 more!


Sorry, but the set of markers does NOT have all the colors I used... I really kinda hate how they have them packaged but they are SO MUCH CHEAPER than Copic that for me it is almost worth buying them all.  They are also refillable so no worries about them drying out.

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