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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Slowing Down Already - Dolls 19 and 20

Well heck, I'm already slowing down!  I am late posting yesterday's doll, sorry.  I used "Gracie" again... I think I like her best because she has a more natural stance.

To show that these really are "paper dolls" I took a picture of the clothes before I glue them to the body.  You'll notice that I only color the parts of the doll that will be showing after the clothes are on.  If I ever decide to make them so that can actually change clothes I'll have to color it all in, but in the meantime ....

   (sample of the markers)

Here is today's doll.  The dress idea came from the "How To Draw Dresses" book... and the stamp is a modified version of Julie Nulling's "Natalie" stamp.

One thing I have started doing is lightly gluing them in an old book because I have already misplaced one of them.  This way I'll at least know where to find them when I'm ready for step 2.

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