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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sorta the Same, But Different - Halie

Does this one make you say "Really???....They don't make skirts that long"!  But scroll down further, this is a copy (sorta) of a runway outfit!  Huh???

The colors in real life aren't that much off... like the skirt actually has a white background...oh well.  And, of course it wasn't until I saw them side by side that I saw how much smaller my dog is.  Shoot.

Once a week I get an email with the Runway Inspired Challenge for cards.  I don't make the cards, I just enjoy seeing other folks interpretations of the inspiration.  This week when I got it I decided to incorporate it into my own personal challenge... Hence, today's look.

I have to admit that the skirt was somewhat intimidating at first glance but it was actually really simple to do!  When I drew it out i just jaggered the hem some then took a light gray marker and drew lines from the bottom to the waist, that's it!  The illusion was complete :-) Happy girl dance! :-)  I love it when things work.

Another "WELL YAY!" moment was the shoes.  I had already colored the whole doll flesh colored because I didn't know where I was going with it at first... once I decided it would have been easy to just cut the feet out again and color them the show color but I decided to test an idea.  I used the Spectrum Noir Blender pen to bleach out the color and it worked!  They said it would and it did.



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