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Monday, May 12, 2014

Through Rose Colored Glasses

I had said that I wasn't going to share my paper dolls here but when that is about all I do to share I figure I might as well share it... You can read it or not depending on your interest.  I actually do doodle on each one its just not my standard kind of doodles.  Right now I am LOVING "playing paper dolls" but I don't tend to stay very long with any one thing so who knows how long this will last.

Like, for example, last week I discovered "SkillShare", a website with TONS and TONS of art type classes and I have spent the better part of three days watching videos!  I LOVE LEARNING and I may just have to start working on some of the things I'm learning!

Anyway, I am showing you today's doll in this post, if you want to see the first 11 dolls you can see them HERE:

Now, about today's doll:

I wanted to hurry and get today's doll done so that I could test out an idea I woke up with this morning ....  Glasses.  I saw a doll on Pinterest with glasses and I WANTED them!   No clue where she got them sooooo...

I have been on a major quest in search of glasses for my girls.  Yes, first I tried the obvious, just drawing them but I'm not so great at symmetry anymore.... Heck, a straight line went out the door years'll notice there are no straight lines in any of my doodles.   I digress... guess what, there is no such thing "out there" that you can buy... No dies, no stickers, no brads.... Until now :-).  As always I had a "well der" moment... "You can make them yourself!"  So I did:

This is what they look like after I cut them out.... white then I hand color as desired.

I cut them out of white vinyl so that I can color them with any color, lense and frame.  The idea is to color each piece then layer the frame onto the lense (if you use one) then place it onto the doll before adding bangs.

If you would like some glasses that you can color yourself I will sell you 15 assorted pairs (including 15 frames/lenses) for $2.00 (FREE shipping).  These are ALL WHITE vinyl (I used alcohol pens and permanent ink pens to color mine) and are about .8" (fit the popular DIE CUT dolls ... not the stamped dolls) the "Buy Now" button below:


I used the doll and dress from this set:


I got the pad of paper from Hobby Lobby this weekend for only $4 ... it was the 6x6 version, not this oblong one.  I used the sheet of white polka dots on pink then put a black dot on every other fold of the dress to make it appear that I used two different papers.

 And the Hair (I drew the bangs in myself) from this set: 


The leggings and shoes are just colored directly onto the original white stamped/cut doll, no extra cutting...I do that when I'm in a hurry. What I usually do is place the clothes down onto the girl, without gluing it down, to see what needs to be colored flesh color and whatever (like the leggings). This time I had done a really bad job of cutting the foot so there was a big black line running through her foot...problem fixed by coloring the whole foot black and calling it boots. I then thought she needed some lacy socks so I just used a white pen and doodled those in.

All of the coloring was done with the Spectrum Noir pens.

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