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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Taking My Drawings to My Bible

Hi All!  Long, long time no talk!  Is this really typing in red and underlined???  Weird not sure why or how to fix...I'm using my iPad and things work differently!  Sorry! I will try to fix it when I get back to my PC.
Anyway, LOTS has been going on here.  I am making lots of things for a party my niece is planning for her wedding in October.  I have built (am building) a website to sell stuff!   YAY!   And I've made lots of stuff for craft sale season.  Oh! And I joined a Facebook group called Journalling Bible Community, created for folks like me that want to do Bible art...but the difference in what I have done in the past is we are dining it directly into a Bible.  
Below are some of the things I have done so far.... I am LOVING my Bible!  It is the EVS single column Journalling Bible so the margins are big enough to play in least 2".

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