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Thursday, October 2, 2014


I don't think I have mentioned that I am part of a Facebook group called Journaling Bible Community.  It is only 2 months old and has almost 3200 members already!  The beauty of the whole idea is that people are getting interested in their Bibles again.  Some are even buying their first Bible because of the group....AWESOME!!!  I love that!


Occasionally folks will question the act of drawing in a Bible, is it disrespectful?  My take on it is, it HELPS me to meditate on the Word and I LOVE flipping through and catching a glimpse of a picture and I know instantly what is on the page and the scripture repeats in my head. I haven't mentioned the group so far because while I am very careful not to cover any text, and I am illustrating what I read, some other folks are just "doodling" for doodling sake....some are completely covering the text!  I cringe every time I see text covered.  The flower doodlers don't bother me so much because they will get the same benefit of flipping through and getting instant recall...BUT, I really do have a problem with folks covering the text so that you can't read it!!!  EVERY WORD MATTERS!!!

Sorry, back to the occasional threads questioning any form of marking up Bibles.  I have been appalled at some of the responses to the question!  A couple have even said... "It is just a book, just like any book."   WHAT?!!!  My first thought was to disassociate myself from the group, but then I decided better to stay and say what I am thinking ... I guess it would call it being passive aggressive...

This is my new title page of my Bible... posted to the group... not very beautiful but I hope it gets the point across ...

  1. - It is actually a collection of 66 books
  2. - Written by 44 different authors
  3. - In 3 different languages
  4. - In 3 continents
  5. - It took over 1600 years to write and it is still being read and changing lives!!!
  6. - It is a love letter from our Father God
  7. - It is THE instruction manual for how to live life (yes, life DOES come with instructions!)
  8. - It is THE HOLY Bible!!! (all three of those words are significant)
  • THE - meaning THE ONLY
  • HOLY - sacred, reverent, deserves respect
  • Bible - the collection of sacred writings of the Christian religion, comprising the Old and New Testaments. authoritative, the most important book in a given field.


  1. I agree with you completely. I also am glad you stayed in that group and , in an essence, shared a sort of testimony. Letting your light shine... Yes! To God be the glory!!! What great things He will do!

  2. I love this post! Keep talking, because it is time to bring the Bible back. It has lost its authority in the hearts of Americans, and that is detrimental to this country!!

    I was always taught not to disrespect the Bible. That is, you don't rest your feet on the family Bible on the coffee table, you don't toss it on the floor at church when you're not using it. You don't rip out pages, etc. But drawing in it? That is no different than any other note taking, only prettier and more colorful. I 110% agree that the ones covering even one word of the text are making a mistake.




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