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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Time to Get Organized!!!

Wow!  It has been almost two months since my last post!  Sorry about that to anyone that actually cares.

I decided at the end of December that it was time to get my "stuff" in order!  And so I began gathering pens/markers/watercolors...whatever. and buying ways to display them.  I will show more of that later, that's just where I have been.  Starting to find places for everything.

This week I took the first free class offered by Tiffany over at She is AMAZING! Her "thing" is organization and inventing things for storage.  I have invested a small fortune in all her products because I LOVE THEM! I bought a couple of the scrapracks shown below ... from amazon (the price is way better through Amazon than through the company site! $69.81 vs $99.99!!! Pages are cheaper through Amazon as well). The site is EXCELLENT and a must "go to" because Tiffany has a video for each and every product they offer. I will show you a picture of mine later.

This week's homework was got get ready to start tackling all things make a plan of attack and to create a Benefit Board listing each week and what reward we plan to give ourselves for accomplishing our goal for that week.  Of course I had to "doodle" something:

It isn't really a "board" its just a page in my drawing pad, but that is plenty good... I don't have the space for an actual board!

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