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Friday, May 1, 2015

A FANTASTIC Site for Fonts! (that aren't free)

Just had to share...

I have discovered a new (to me) place to buy fonts and other graphics, brushes and such ...CHEAP!!!  If you have been around long you know that I AM A FONT FREAK!!!  and today I went shopping... normally that is a very bad thing, but today it was a deal!  I got a package of ten fonts for $27 that would have been over $400 if I had purchased each individually from other sites.  I know this to be a fact because I plan to get this set of characters in a few days that cost $64 for ten different characters.  If you don't want to customize each character you can get lots of poses of each character for only $24 for all characters and their poses.  SUCH A DEAL!!!  I hate to admit it but I just bought two of the characters a couple weeks ago and paid $64 for the two!  The font site is HERE

the $24 version of one of the characters looks like this:

The more expensive version would have different, eyebrows, eyes, mouths, poses, arms and such that you can put together yourself if you use Art Illustrator. 

an example of something I put together with the set I purchased a few weeks ago (and paid $32 just for one character!)

AND, THERE IS A 10% off coupon HERE

OH! and according to the site these deals are for only a few days so if you are interested you need to hurry!

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