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Thursday, June 18, 2015

OSMO ... My New Toy!

  OK, for all you folks that don't think you can draw there is a new "gotta have" available now!!! 

 Have you seen the new OSMO available for an iPad?  I just got mine yesterday and started playing right away.  

First I found a picture that I wanted to add to my Bible on Pinterest:

 (had to delete the original photo for fear of breaking copy-rite laws ...and I'm not sure of the original artist is to ask permission... my copy is SO FAR for the original, and in my Bible, not for I think I'm safe there)

- I open the "Masterpiece" app (free on iTunes store) 
- then load the above picture
- put the reflector onto my iPad 
- resized the reflection to fit the place I wanted it in my Bible 
- and started "tracing" the lines that the software creates over the above picture...  (the reflection of the Bible is on the iPad screen, not vice versa).  AWESOME!!!  

OH! and another cool thing that is does is create this video! 

and then I colored.

You can watch the video that sold me on it at the Amazon link below:

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