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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Putting Maps Anywhere I Want Them In My Bible! Thanks to Osmo

If you have been around for very long you know that I am VERY VISUAL!  As soon as I start to read about a location in the Bible I am off to find a map of the location.  I have to see it.  I wish that there was a picture right there inside the text... but, alas it isn't.  BUT!  I now have my answer!!!

I can draw it there with my Osmo!  Best yet, NO drawing skills necessary!

Now I can quickly draw a map (or anything else) anywhere I want it!  
I will say that I have resisted drawing on top of the text before now but I knew that I was going to keep it "transparent" enough that I will still be able to read through the drawing.

If you missed yesterday's post I am using my OSMO, available for an iPad?  

1- Did a Google search for "Bible Maps" and found the one I needed showing the territory divided among the 12 tribes of Judah. 
2- I did a "print screen" to save the map onto my iPad

3- I open the "Masterpiece" app (free on iTunes store) 
4- then load the above picture
5- put the reflector onto my iPad 
6- resized the reflection to fit the place I wanted it in my Bible 
7- and started "tracing" the lines that the software creates over the above picture...  (the reflection of the Bible is on the iPad screen, not vice versa).  AWESOME!!!  

I used the same picture for both maps, just resized it to fit where I wanted to draw it.

I colored it with colored pencils.

This is SOOOO much better than a light box (even though I do have one that I LOVE) because you can resize the photo, it takes much more work and time to get the right size for the light box.

I just posted this to a group on FaceBook where I got several questions.  In an attempt to answer those question I quickly did the following...

They wanted to know about the set up so I took a picture of how I do it in my lap!  I use my laptop as a desk and set the Osmo/iPad on the far end and my Bible closest to me. (sorry for the bad picture)

Traced the card on the left:

The whole process took about 5 minutes because I already had the heart picture that I did a few years ago.

You can watch the video that sold me on it at the Amazon link below:


  1. Cool… another reason I need a new iPad… mine won't work with this.

  2. I am still say the Bible,is reflected onscreen. Are the lines of the drawing projected to the Bible,page so,you can trace there?? Looks so wonderful! Thanks.

  3. @marcy ... I know, sorry it is confusing, but it really is! Everything shows up on the iPad, the paper stays blank until you start to draw on it. The software creates lines then when you start to draw on the paper your hand shows up on the screen and you "trace" the lines there... soooooo confusing, but if you watch the video on the Amazon link it will be clear.



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