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Monday, August 31, 2015

Ruth In Progress .... Stage One ... Get Something Drawn ...

I'm not finished yet but this is the beginnings of Ruth.  Pen and color to come....

When I think I know what I want to draw I head for Google to find a picture to help with how things should look.  Today I searched on "Bible people walking" and would you believe I found a picture of Naomi and family headed to Moab!  .... Without the sign ... There wasn't anything that said that's who they were but the numbers were right.  The only problem was they were walking in the wrong direction and I couldn't make my brain draw in the opposite direction so I pasted it isn't Photoshop and flipped it.   I then could have used my Osmo but I decided since I had time I would just draw everything from scratch this time.  

I just love having little illustrations next to the text!  I want to have something drawn on every page.... But I would rather be raptured, if ya know what I mean 😊

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