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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Write the Vision Down...

Last week a friend asked me if I had done anything with Revelation yet.... NOPE! I am totally intimidated by that book!  Don't even like to read it...but, I love do a challenge so I started.  

I started in a journal first because I wasn't sure how exactly I wanted to handle it...very, loosie goosie so far.   I see lots of opportunity for stars, trumpets, candelabras and such!

But, this morning I decided to just "do something" in my Bible....

Yes, I did start with my Osmo, of course, but I didn't get far with that as you can see here:

That's it...I had to go on my own from there....

Hummmm, no where near the original "John the Revelator" .... It is a BEAUTIFUL painting!  (I asked the Lord this morning if I could be more of an artist when we come back for the thousand years.) Anyway, if you Google it it should show up under images, you can even buy a print starting at $100. 

But, my pitiful version of it works for my purposes...for me, in my Bible.... the idea is there anyway.

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