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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Double Sided Adhesive Paper!!! At last!

I have been in search of double back tape for years now to no avail... The widest I could find was only 6" wide and came in a roll. I FINALLY found some 8.5"x11" sheets tonight.  Hallelujah! 

The goal was to cut a large intricate something, put glitter on one side and stick that down on something else.  I have been cutting large non-intricate things out of label paper and putting glitter on the sticky side but I then had to use glue to stick it the photo.  (Yes I do have a large Xyron, but I hate using it)... 

Anyway, it is a Silhouette product but it can be cut with a Cricut and/or Silhouette.  I wanted to share it ASAP because prices change so quickly on Amazon and right now it is almost half off, with free shipping! I just ordered bunches... 

If you decide to cut something like a state out of a full sheet of label paper be be sure and cut the reverse or the reflection of the state so that the sticky side faces up, otherwise your state will be backwards. 


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