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Friday, November 13, 2015

My New Ohuhu 48-color Colored Pencils/ Drawing Pencils

Doing a happy dance!  I just received my new 

Ohuhu 48-color Colored Pencils/ Drawing Pencils 

. LOVE!  I wasn't expecting to like them more than any other color pencil set that I have, even my Prismacolors.... well, ok, they are not better than my InkTense, but that's really comparing apples and oranges.  Anyway, who knew???   I only ordered them because they were available as a lightning sale and they had great reviews.  

I just love the way they color... very smooth and easy, no need to scrub to get a good layer of color, and there isn't a wax buildup.  My only regret is that I didn't get the 72 color set, I got the 48 colors.  Hummmmm.... and having the blank, uncolored numbers on my chart kinda really bothers me... :-/

If you would like a copy of a blank color chart click here and download.  

It isn't actually curved, my colored version was curved with I took the picture, sorry!  Let me know if the link doesn't work and I will send you the .pdf file.

I printed mine onto a full sheet label so that if I decide to cut it apart and stick it to something, like maybe whatever storage I come up with, I can do that with ease.

While I'm on the subject of color pencils, not all colored pencils are the same!  And, for the most part you really do get what you pay for.  I bought some at WalMart the other day for less than $5.... HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE!  Spend the $!

The price shown below may be different from the actual price??? it is automatically generated so I have no control.  I do know that the price keeps changing on Amazon so that might be the problem... whatever they actually are, they are worth the price.  I WILL be getting the larger set soon.


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