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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hersey Kisses Christmas Tree

Today someone posted a picture of a Hersey's Kisses Christmas Tree and asked if anyone had a pattern for it.  I didn't but it looked easy enough so I volunteered to give it a try.  It is made using a Silhouette or Cricut Paper Cutter.   Unfortunately, my Silhouette software isn't working so I had to use SCAL and save it as an SVG file.  Now I can't test it with the Silhouette software.  It cuts perfectly from SCAL... I HOPE IT WORKS!!!  I don't have a picture of it yet, but I will put one when I get candy for the trunk.... I'm just trying to get the pattern out there for folks to use ASAP.  I decided that even though the original had a trunk I was going to skip that for two reasons... 
1. I didn't want to go get more candy and 
2. You really never see the trunk of a Christmas Tree so it isn't necessary.

 This picture is of the box with a clear top made out of transparency film.

The REEEEALLY quick, unedited, How-To video showing how to put the cuts together is HERE. (actually I was able to load it below, just not sure how it will do) 

The SVG file is HERE

The SCAL file is HERE.

After I did all the work to create a box I found the original design and realized that it was SO MUCH EASIER!!!  It took me about 5 minutes to create the .svg file!  Below is a picture of the difference in size.

If you want the SVG version without the box go HERE

The SCAL version without the box is HERE

You can see how Brenda Quintana (I think she is the original designer... Thanks Brenda) puts her design together HERE


  1. I don't have permission to access the SCAL file. Sent request.

    1. @Linda B I think I fixed that this morning.

  2. Thank you Nancy for the udated tree. Love making them.



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