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Why the Bee???

One of my favorite blogs is Elvie Studio... (Lori Vliegen)  I LOVE that blog!  

Now, I really hate to admit this "out loud" but the name of her blog has always baffled me.  Why Elvie Studio, when her name is Lori ????  Well it suddenly hit me the other day... El (L) Vie (V) are her initials!!!  HELLOOOOO!  Isn't that just so clever?!  

So, naturally, I started thinking about my initials.... NB  I could spell it "InBee" but that really makes no I added my middle initial   NEB (Any Bee)  YES!  So, my next blog (???) is going to be "Not Just Any Bee",  hence the bee! 

 HA!  Now I'm clever too!  Hee Hee.

Anyway, now you will know why this picture will start showing up... because.... you know, I'm "Not Just Any Bee"!

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